Kaslo Building Supplies - ACE Hardware

Jeff and Monica Davie

6521 Hwy 31, Kaslo



In 1997, Jeff and Monica Davie took over Kaslo Building Supplies from Monica’s parents, Fred and Elaine Richinger. Back then it was known as Irly Bird. Throughout the years, the business has been through a few banner changes, but it has always remained independently owned and operated.

Kaslo Building Supplies employs between fifteen and twenty people though the season. All three Davie boys have worked at the store, as well as a number of long-time locals, adding to a familiar and friendly atmosphere. The staff and the family’s dedication to the business and their loyal customers are what has helped the store become what it is today. With a strong service culture and commitment to quality, Kaslo Building Supplies works with members of the community to help their building dreams come true.

Since joining the ACE buying group, there have been many positive changes to the store, including competitive pricing and a wider inventory of building products and tools. Come in and see the changes, and have some complimentary popcorn! Check out the garden centre, the new paint products which many local painters have endorsed, the kids’ toys, and our great selection of animal feed.

Ainsworth Motel

Glen Konowalchuk

3595 Hwy31 Ainsworth Hot Springs



Ainsworth Motel offers a unique country setting with clean, quiet and comfortable rooms. Rooms have all white linen and are only steps away from parking. Also it is just a 2 minute walk to the relaxing natural hot pools!

Ainsworth Motel has single and double kitchenette units, as well as a large fully furnished family unit with complete kitchen facilities and a separate bedroom. All units have a breathtaking view of beautiful Kootenay Lake and its surrounding mountains. We offer complimentary coffee, microwaves, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, a front deck, and lawn area complete with a barbeque and picnic tables, all at an affordable price.

Ainsworth Hot Springs, is a quaint little village located in the heart of the Kootenay wilderness, set into the mountainside, overlooking the vast expanse of Kootenay Lake and the majestic Purcell Mountains. Your stay at Ainsworth Motel will have you golfing, exploring caves, and relaxing in the naturally warm Ainsworth Hot Springs.

Back Dirt Road

Luxury Soaps and Body Products

PO Box 1421, Kaslo BC V0G 1M0

(250) 353-7338


In the 12 years that Back Dirt Road Luxury Soap & Products has been in business, it has operated exclusively out of Marianne Johnston’s backyard shop. From the beginning of BDR, Marianne has made it her and her company’s main priority to source as much as possible locally. This environmental drive and prioritization has led BDR to be sold at a multitude of health and gift stores all over British Columbia from Vancouver Island, east.  Marianne is involved in giving back to the community, through donating to various charities & events like, but not limited to, the SPCA, the Kaslo Food Hub, NKLAHC, Kaslo Ladies Golf Tournament, Koot/Boundary Regional Hospital, Kaslo Fishing Derby, Show & Shine, etc.

Partnering with other businesses and cross-promotion are a great way to capitalize on bringing a focus to our unique area.  BDR is currently making soap using beer from 2 other Kootenay businesses, Nelson Brewing Company and the new Angry Hen Brewery in Kaslo.

Marianne and BDR are one of the major drivers in the Choose Local Campaign. We recognize and implement the importance of community involvement across business and nonprofit lines.

Back Dirt Road Luxury Soap & Products currently has over 40 different varieties of soaps, lotions, creams, Shampoo Bars and more.


Beach Gables

Barbara & Mark Dobroski

243 Front Street, Kaslo




Beach Gables has been in operation since 2001, and Mark and Barbara have been the owners of Beach Gables since February 2016. This “adult only” accommodation offers beautiful, comfortable, private suites that are masterfully adorned with local artifacts, antiques, and special mementoes of Kaslo and the surrounding area. Beach Gables is situated in what may just be the most beautiful and convenient location in Kaslo; each suite has a breathtaking view of Kootenay Lake, the Purcell and Selkirk Mountains, and is situated just a short one block stroll to the downtown shopping area.


Body Energetic Holistic Therapies

Shelagh Smith, B.A.                      


250-353-3477 (voice messages only)                 

Shelagh moved to Kaslo in May 2016 from Whitehorse Yukon. She became a holistic health practitioner after seeking out complementary therapies to heal from injuries from a motor vehicle accident. She studied various modalities to further her recovery so that she could return to backpacking and skiing. She became certified in Visionary Craniosacral Work and Advanced Integrative Energy Healing. She has been in private practice since 2007 and specializes in realigning the body.

Shelagh offers an intuitive and integrated approach to release patterns and restrictions that cause acute and chronic pain, repetitive strain injury, TMJ syndrome, neck and shoulder issues, fatigue and anxiety. Her gentle approach brings the body back into alignment resulting in improved stability and flexibility, decreased tension and pain, increased energy, and greater sense of well being. Shelagh enjoys sharing self-care practices with clients to increase their body awareness and inspire their own healing potential.

Shelagh’s clients comment that they are able to breathe deeper and more fully; feel deeply relaxed; feel content; feel less anxious; feel grounded and balanced; have improved mood and mental clarity; have increased energy; have decreased tension and pain; have more space and comfort in their jaw; have ease in their body and increased range of motion; and recover faster from injury.


Bright Sun Data Consulting

Charles Cuell, Ph.D





Bright Sun Data Consulting, owned and operated by Charles Cuell, Ph.D., has been heavily involved in scientific computing and numerical modelling for over twenty years. Services of Bright Sun Data Consulting include computer modelling of groundwater flow, contaminant transport, heat flow, and future climate data and analysis. Charles and his company have a strong focus on providing high quality results and information.



Russell Semenoff and Leona Wood

422 Front Street



In 1985, Molly and Paul Semenoff bought what was then known as “Kane’s Landing Health Food Store.” At that time, the store was a craft and foods store combined, Molly and Paul renamed the store “Cornucopia,” and greatly expanded the amount of natural foods and plant selections. In 2008, Molly and Paul’s son and daughter, Russell and Leona, took over the natural health foods store, and have since expanded the product lines to better serve the community. Cornucopia truly has everything you could need, whether that be general groceries, produce, pet food, vitamins, herbs, and/or bulk items, Cornucopia has you covered! Cornucopia has always prided themselves on being very prevalent within the community, they do that through supporting local charities, events, and non-profits. Another major way that Cornucopia gives back to the community is through their large selection of local and organic produce and locally made products. Supporting local farmers and producers is a huge part of what makes Cornucopia Cornucopia. Russell, Leona, and the friendly staff at Cornucopia believe that by specifically serving Kaslo and the surrounding area’s residents grocery needs they can also economically support local small businesses who otherwise would not have a platform to sell their goods and products, and make the residence of Kaslo happy.

Figments Fine Canadian Crafts

Ruth Thomson

408 Front Street                                 



Since 1986, Figments Fine Canadian Crafts have been offering a unique selection of handmade gifts. Figments sells locally-produced products as well as an eclectic mix of gifts from across Canada and around the world. Their focus is to delight with variety, value and quality.

Kaslo Front Street Market     

Dave McCowen

411 Front Street


Kaslo Front Street Market is an independently owned and operated grocery store serving the community of Kaslo and the surrounding area. They offer their customers a great assortment of both conventional and specialty grocery items. Their in-store bakery and deli department bakes and makes sandwiches and other tasty lunch choices daily.  Their produce department is a focal point of their store where they source out only the best produce available. The Front Street Market prides themselves on their selection of organic produce, and they also support the local growers in the area. The Market also has a fresh meat department with on-site meat cutters who can cut you the perfect steak. Stop by the Kaslo Front Street Market today, and experience the great customer service and atmosphere of a small town grocery store with big city selection.

Front Street Pizzeria

Aaron & Cathy Mathers

417 Front Street



At Buddy’s Front Street Pizzeria, Aaron and Cathy offer 13 different types of delicious hand-stretched artisan pizza, all of which are made from the freshest of fresh ingredients, grown as close to home as they can get them, and all of the pizzas are made with non-GMO crusts! Buddy’s Front Street Pizzeria is an incredible place with musicians often playing freely in the parlour. Feel free to pop in for a free listen, order a cold beer or a good wine, take in the atmosphere, and enjoy some fabulous music while the ever engaging Aaron and Cathy take your order and fulfil all of your pizza-dreams.

Buddy’s Front Street Pizzeria recently received the  ‘#1 Recommended Place to Eat in Kaslo,’ award on Tripadvisor.

Buddy’s Front Street Pizzeria will also cater your big or small event. Anything from birthday parties, graduations, anniversaries, family reunions, grandma sleepovers, and anything else!

Kaslo Building Maintenance                 

Franz & Martina Kocher




Kaslo Building Maintenance was originally established in 1982, and since then has had three different operators. Currently, Kaslo Building Maintenance is owned and operated by Franz and Martina Kocher, both of which immigrated to Canada from Austria. Both Franz and Martina have an extensive background in property maintenance, floor laying, upholstery, carpentry, small miscellaneous repairs, and of course, cleaning. Whether you need work done daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly, Kaslo Building Maintenance can help you regardless of your situation.  Check out more of the fantastic things Kaslo Building Maintenance offers on their website www.kaslomaintenance.ca !


Kaslo Campground

Trish Bennett




Graced by a historic Camperdown Elm, the Kaslo Campground is located at the foot of A Avenue, on the shores of Kootenay Lake. The campground is conveniently located adjacent to Vimy Park, a picnic area and shelter, a children's playground, the S.S. Moyie National Historic Site and Kaslo’s bustling downtown core. There are serviced and unserviced sites, hot showers, running water, and sanidump facilities. The Kaslo Campground also conveniently has free Wi-Fi. The campground opens in the spring and stays open in the fall as long as the weather permits. For more information, please visit our website www.kaslochamber.com

Kaslo Community Pharmacy

Ward Taylor

403 Front Street


Supporting and assisting the people of Kaslo and the surrounding area achieve optimal health is Kaslo Community Pharmacy’s number one passion. Ward Taylor and his staff appreciate the opportunity to care for the residents of Kaslo and the surrounding area. Together they work with your healthcare team to deliver the products and services you need to improve and maintain your health. In addition to filling prescriptions, their pharmacists offer a range of clinical services that include:

  • Blister packing medications (for you convenience)

  • Immunizations

  • Blood pressure reading

  • Compression stock fitting and sale

  • Medication reviews and consultations (at no extra charge)

  • Hosting hearing clinics in association with Connect Hearing of Nelson

  • Providing and consulting for assistive aids and mobility devices from our Home Health Care department

Kaslo Community Pharmacy carries a full stock of over the counter preparations to assist you through difficult times like cold and flu medications, first aid products and pain relief. When selecting vitamins, supplements, and over the counter medication, it is especially important to consult with one of their professional pharmacists who are trained and can advise you as to any potential drug interactions with prescriptions you may be taking.

Kaslo Community Pharmacy invites you to come in and and meet Ward and his staff. Please ask about all of the services that they are more than happy to provide. Kaslo Community Pharmacy is here to support all of your health and wellness needs.


Karma Halleran

400 A Ave



Pennywise was initially founded in 1975, by Patty Axenroth. Initially Pennywise operated out of Patty’s home, but since then, it has expanded rapidly. Currently, Pennywise not only does the Pennywise weekly paper, which everyone is aware of, but also publications like the ‘Go and Do Regional Visitor Guide,’ and the ‘Kaslo Area Guide.’ Pennywise has grown immensely since the 1970s, and has now been forged into something not only regional, but also provincial. The staff at the Pennywise are more than willing to help you with whatever you may need, and they are incredibly passionate about their job; that is likely because many have been with Pennywise for over twenty years! The Pennywise is much like a family, and in April of 2017, a fellow ‘family member,’ Karma Halleran took over the reigns from Patty Axenroth. Karma plans to make small and subtle changes that will better serve the Pennywise’s ever growing customer base, and become more visible in their pursuit of selling the #VisitKaslo brand to the greater world. Pennywise continues to be committed to serving everyone in the best possible way, and maintaining their status as the funnest and craziest business in Kaslo.

Kaslo Shipyard

Lorna Lynch

340 Front Street







Adventure and relaxation combined!

Cruise, fish and explore spectacular Kootenay Lake in comfort and security. For over 45 years, Kaslo Ship Yard has been the houseboat holiday choice for families, friends, couples, businesses, and fishing parties from across Canada, the United States, and around the World.

Choose from 4 custom-built charter vessels from 35 to 52 feet. All are fully furnished with a spacious wheelhouse, full gallery and bathroom, and complete sleeping quarters for four, six, or eight people.

  • Full instructional session

  • Open all year

  • Free fuel and parking

Kaslo Sourdough


Kaslo Sourdough started with Silvio and Gabriele Lettrari in 1993, when Silvio baked hand-kneaded naturally fermented sourdough loaves out of a stone deck, brick oven on Kaslo’s Front Street for two summers. They began baking year round after those first two summers, quickly expanding the varieties of breads offered, which today include the classic San Francisco, numerous seeded types (Wheatberry, Sunflower and Flax, Millet and Flax), pumpernickel, three kinds of ryes (Southern, Northern, and Canadian), organic, and wheat-free loaves. With a recipe perfected over the years with much research and experience, their breads have incredible flavour and all the health, nutritional, and digestive benefits of naturally fermented products.

Four years ago, Kaslo Sourdough expanded the business by branching out with a completely new product: sourdough pasta. Believing in microbes at their best, Kaslo Sourdough harnesses ancient sourdough fermentation technology to transform people’s expectations of wheat and wheat-based pastas with their numerous sourdough breads, and now also their pastas.

Silvio and Gabi’s children, Stefan (production manager), Heike (sales representative), and Heidi (general manager), are active in the family business, each contributing to ensuring Kaslo Sourdough thrives as a family-run business. As always, they place great importance on top quality ingredients, sourcing locally when possible, which includes grains grown in Creston, BC, and the Prairies, and using their natural spring water.

The business wouldn’t be complete without their employees Emma Roy, Martin Bellefeuille, Sara Davis, Geoffrey Halliday, Carl Marsh, and sales representatives Laura Ellis and Renee Altman who help produce, distribute and expand the high quality products Kaslo Sourdough is known for—products that people can be excited to share with friends and family.

For more information, visit their website: pastafermentata.com

Kaslo’s Body Project

Ra’ed Jaber & Tyler Chymko

6555 Miles Road




Kaslo’s newest business is a state of the art health and wellness centre called Kaslo’s Body Project. Kaslo’s Body Project is currently owned and operated by Ra’ed Jaber and Kaslo native Tyler Chymko. Tyler and Ra’ed decided to move back to Kaslo because they missed the natural beauty, and Kaslo had previously lacked a gym where both males and females could workout in sync. Tyler and Ra’ed are incredibly dedicated and passionate about discovering the most effective training program for you, regardless of your goals or age. They achieve this through programs like their boot camp which are held three days a week. Both are highly skilled and can provide you with the latest knowledge on their state of the art fitness centre. The new gym has all of your fitness needs, including a sauna, Jacob’s ladder and so much more!!!

Kul Nijjar Realtor



334 Front Street


  As a young woman, Kul moved to Argenta from Toronto, Ontario. Argenta was a paradise then, and twenty-five years later, it still is. Kul’s children were born and have been raised in Kaslo, and they will always identify Kaslo, B.C. and the Kootenays as their home.

What Kul Nijjar brings to real estate is a very personal investment. The Kaslo area is unique, wonderful and varied. There are a spectrum of properties, from small to large, upscale to rambling and rustic. Bringing together good matches of people and place is what Kul loves most about her job. Her sense of community is finely tuned and she can identify the nuances of what will work and what may be a challenge for anyone new to the area. For local people needing to change, Kul’s network and experience helps her find whatever they may need. It’s important for Kul that we create a community. She wants nothing more than to help her neighbours and invite others in.

Kul’s business goal is to be able to offer clients choices that best fit their budget and needs. It may take time and research, but being able to provide real life solutions to real estate is important to to.


Oliver Hopwood & Tamara Henry

BOX 158



1 855 400 RAFT (7238)

Lardeau River Adventures offers a wilderness whitewater rafting experience in the heart of the Kootenay Rockies. Only 90 minutes north of Nelson and 35 minutes from Kaslo, the crystal waters of the Lardeau River wind through a beautiful mountain valley with an abundance of wildlife. A mix of exciting class 2+ rapids, waterfalls and mountain vistas make our 4-6 hour guided trips perfect for both the first-time and experienced rafter!

Trips run daily from May through September and include a delicious riverside picnic made with fresh local ingredients.

Numbers are limited to ensure you enjoy the personal attention and expertise of our professional guide team. Join us and discover why we are

the Kootenay Rockies Premier Adventure!

Stellar HeliSkiing

Jason Remple


430 Front St.




Whether you are looking for a single day trip, a multi-day adventure, or a custom private package, Stellar Heliskiing provides a personalized, all-inclusive experience. All of our multi-day packages offer unlimited vertical and are customized for you desired terrain and skill level. That means you can leave the world behind for a few days and find your own adventure!

Stellar Heliskiing provides you access to over 80,000 acres of untouched terrain, in the epic Selkirk and Purcell mountain ranges in the Kootenays of British Columbia. With over 18 metres of snow every winter and open bowls, high alpine peaks, and steep forests, we are sure all of your powder dreams will be more than satisfied!

Stellar Heliskiing ensures a safe and enjoyable experience by matching no more than four guests to every guide. Their expert CSGA/ACMG certified guides provide all equipment and on-site training, while our helicopter pilots are highly experienced and specially trained in the mountain environment.

Tersaknives Inc.

Janine Conrad



Skype: tersaknives


Tersaknives Inc. is a small family owned and operated business, located in the Village of Kaslo in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. After working in the Timberframing and Woodworking industry for many years, Janine and Norbert experienced first-hand how important it is to have the right tools and machinery to work with. The staff at Tersaknives Inc. will assist you in achieving your goals by offering Tersa™ Planer Knives, a high quality precision product that helps you to run a smooth production line. Over everything, Tersaknives Inc. values their customers by working hard to provide you with a quick and professional response to all your inquiries and promise you reliable service. Read what customers say about us.

Don't feel comfortable placing your order online? Give us a call and speak with a real person! 509-590-2202!

Western Financial Group

Joan Murach

405 Front Street




Originally founded in 1996, Western Financial has grown significantly to 118 communities across Western Canada. Within that growth, Western has never forgotten its’ roots, and what differentiates it from all other insurance agencies. The drastic difference that sets Western apart is their dedication and appreciation for the local community in which they reside; the Kaslo Western Financial participates in and initiates a number of charity events/programs. The charities include the Chili Cook Off, the Walk for the Cause, and just recently, Western gave one lucky Kaslovian $12,000 just for receiving a quote. The Kaslo Western has also recently given $5,000 to the local Kaslo Library, and continues to financially support other non-profits. The great thing about Western Financial is their love of community, and that is directly seen in the insurance they provide their communities; the staff at Western know what insurance best suits your because they too, likely have the same insurance. The staff understands your needs because like you, they drive on the same roads, take their kids to the same hockey practises, shop at the same local stores, and brave the same winter storms. Western financial is the best insurance company to get any sort of insurance, because they understand what you need most because they too need that.

Willow Home Gallery

Jason & Elissa Ellis

429 Front St, Kaslo



Willow Home Boutique is an impressively exciting home decor store located on Kaslo’s Front Street. Jason and Elissa Ellis took over Willow in January of 2016, after they fell in love with the beautiful Kootenay area. Willow focus heavily on offering an eclectic blend of home decor items which reflect the relaxed Kootenay lifestyle at prices that both visitors and locals can afford. Whether you are looking for luxurious affordable bedding, stylish decor, local soaps, crystal ware, kitchen trinkets, or unique locally made jewellery. Regardless, you will find that perfect gift or item for your home, yourself or a friend.


Wing Creek Resort

Darbra Hamilton

9114 31 Highway, Kaslo BC                 




Wing Creek Resort offers cabins, cottages, and vacations homes, all of which are designed for maximum privacy and comfort, while affording spectacular views of the soaring Purcell Mountains and pristine Kootenay Lake.


At Wing Creek Resort you will enjoy a quintessentially Canadian mountain lake vacation experience in a pristine wilderness setting. The upscale Kootenay Lake cottages and cabins are the perfect way to experience the B.C. of yesteryear with all the comforts of today! Wing Creek Resort caters exclusively to adults, primarily couples looking for a private and peaceful escape to get away from their busy city lives. Honeymoons are fast becoming Wing Creek Resort’s specialty. They offer an authentic Kootenay Lake accommodation experience that is unique to this breathtakingly beautiful area, just minutes from picturesque Kaslo, BC.

Wing Creek Resort is a spectacular 20 acre earth-friendly vacation paradise just 5 minutes north of Kaslo on beautiful Kootenay Lake, providing B.C. vacation rental options created exclusively for adults seeking a quiet, private BC vacation, nestled in a stunning natural paradise.


Cabins, Cottages, Vacation Home. All these Kootenay Lake accommodation options are designed for maximum privacy and comfort, while affording spectacular views of the soaring Purcell Mountains and pristine Kootenay Lake. In fact many of our guests spend much of their time at Wing Creek relaxing on their decks, soaking in the sounds of Nature and revelling in the magnificent views — unlike any other in the world.

Kaslo and Area Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box 329 | Kaslo, B.C. | V0G 1M0
Phone: 250-353-2525 | Email: thekaslochamber@gmail.com

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