The number of community facilities in Kaslo is testament to the vision and passion of the residents of this small village. Most of the community facilities in Kaslo have been built and/or are maintained by dedicated and tireless volunteers who contribute their time and talents for the betterment of the community. Whether swinging a hammer or combing the Internet for grant opportunities, these community minded citizens continually work to improve the quality of life for the residents of Kaslo.

Kaslo Golf Course

The Kaslo Golf Club is a beautiful 9-hole golf course and clubhouse complete with restaurant. Equipment and golf carts are available for rent to the general public. One of the province´s oldest golf courses, it retains much of the basic charm of simpler times.

At the Kaslo Golf Club you will be impressed with the views along each of the nine holes. The entire #1 fairway has a panoramic lake view while the fourth green looks out on breathtaking glaciers. The fifth fairway is lined with hundred year old apple trees whose fruit you are welcome to enjoy in season.

The timber framed club house, built in 2007, features a fully licensed restaurant, a diverse and reasonable menu, and daily specials. All food dishes served are made from scratch,and always fresh. You can dine inside or on the wrap-around covered patio while enjoying stunning views of the lake and the adjacent green. You´ll want to bring your camera.

Club History
The Kaslo Golf Club dates back to 1923, when locals invested and donated their efforts to create a four hole course. This makes it one of the oldest in British Columbia. Over the ensuing years the clubhouse was added (and added to!) and the course expanded to its
present nine hole layout. The Club is now operated as a Not-for-Profit Society, and run by a volunteer board.

In 2006 the society members decided to build a new Clubhouse. With substantial community support a beautiful timber frame structure was built, raising the club to a new level. At this time, the clubhouse was moved to a more convenient location, and the parking lot was expanded and paved.

Throughout its history Kaslo´s golf course has benefited from tremendous volunteer effort and a spirit of community. It is a testament to what can be done when people commit to work together, and this is our hallmark.

Kaslo & District  Library

The Kaslo Library had its beginnings at the turn of the century. The 1898 Kaslo Morning News advertised free public reading rooms as one of the reasons to move to Kaslo. On December 18, 1920, thanks to a petition signed earlier by a dedicated group of people, the Kaslo Public Library Association was officially incorporated. The first library was housed in a Janitor´s closet in the Government Building followed by a small room on the top floor of City Hall in 1924. Revenue was through membership, and books trickled in by donation. In 1953, once local and provincial government funding became available, the library moved to a larger room on the main floor of the City Hall and began to buy books for the collection. The Kaslo Library outgrew the space in the late 70s and, after significant renovations,relocated to the present location in the basement of City Hall (1982).

The Kaslo and District Public Library serves an area with a population of over 2,500, which includes residents from the Village of Kaslo and parts of Area D of the Regional District of Central Kootenay. The service area extends from Coffee Creek to Schroeder Creek and also includes Argenta and Johnson´s Landing. In 2009, 21,590 items were borrowed from a collection of 12,500 items that includes books, audiobooks, movies, music, large print, and online resources.

Kaslo Seniors Hall

The Kaslo Seniors Hall on   312 4th St, is home to the Kaslo Senior Citizens Association (KSCA). The association provides opportunities for local senior residents to meet, socialize, and become informed about issues of particular interest to seniors. Membership is open to anyone 50 and over. Yearly membership fees are $6.00.

General meetings are held at the Hall on the first Tuesday of each month at 1:30 p.m. A potluck lunch prior to the meeting begins at 11:30 a.m. There are no meetings during July and August. New members and visitors are always welcome. At the monthly meeting, the Senior Counselor distributes the monthly news letter, describes the programs locally available to seniors, and offers individual and private help with seniors´ problems. For info, call 353-7195, 353-2677.


Open House: The club hosts an Open House every Friday morning from September through June. All seniors are welcome.
Excursions: Members receive a discount on planned excursions. Details are available at the Seniors´ Hall.
Bridge Group: The Bridge Group meets every Tuesday evening, at 7:00 p.m. from October through June.
Singing Grannies:
Cooking for Fun: These gatherings take place once a month, year around.
Christmas Dinner: Held annually at the Kaslo Legion Hall; catered and open to all seniors!

Abbey Manor

Constructed in 1983 by the Kaslo Kinsmen Club, Abbey Manor opened in 1984, and is managed now by the Kaslo and District Senior Citizens Shelter Society.

Abbey Manor is a 10-unit apartment building, all on one level, with exterior access to individual suites. Each suite is one bedroom and furnished with wall-to-wall carpeting, drapes, major appliances, as well as patio and garden space. The Society provides water services, basic cable, laundry facilities, and resident parking. Two of the 10 suites are doubles, with slightly larger bedrooms, and one is suitable for handicapped occupancy. There is a common meeting room, available to residents who wish to hold social events or get-togethers in a larger space. This room has a fully furnished kitchen facility, tables and chairs, a dart board, piano, and a slide projector with screen.

The Manor is located on a corner lot which gives it a lovely view of Kootenay Lake and the surrounding mountains. There is generally a waiting list for new residents. For further information please contact Dennis Jenson at 250-353-7788.

Kaslo and District Arena

Located at 517 Arena Avenue in Kaslo, the Kaslo Arena offers a standard size ice rink with meeting facilities upstairs. Activities at the arena include Minor Hockey, Men´s and Women´s Adult Hockey, Public Skating and Curling. The ice and facilities are also available for private rental.

The Kaslo and District Arena is the main attraction for local youth and adults during the winter months. The concept for building an ice arena in Kaslo originated from the heady enthusiasm that surrounded the country´s centennial celebrations in 1967. Taking on such a project was a task of enormous proportions for a village of approximately one thousand people. A land trade with the local sawmill that also supplied much of the lumber for construction allowed the project to go forward. All of the labor to build the arena was performed by volunteers, and many residents remember pounding nails in the one inch fir planks that form the walls of the building. Volunteers continue to improve and upgrade this important village asset. The arena is managed entirely by a volunteer board responsible for all decision making.

Curling Rink

It is believed that the sport of curling was first played in Kaslo in 1893. The rocks that were used had been brought from Scotland by private citizens, who then donated two sets of stones to the Village of Kaslo. A request was dispatched to the Smith Arm Co. of Winnipeg, in 1895, for sixteen pairs of curling stones.

1895 was an important year for the curling club, for they applied for affiliation with the Royal Caledonian Curling Club,(RCCC). Towns all about the Kootenays followed Kaslo´s example, forming clubs of their own. Golden, Sandon, Nelson, Rossland, Greenwood, Trout Lake, and Cranbrook joined the association in the years between 1895 and 1906.

In 1904 the first curling rink in the Kootenays was built. Kaslo had always been the starter of winter sports in the Kootenays, so it was right that they should be the first to build an arena. The arena consisted of a skating surface with two curling rinks on either side. The arena lasted for about 40 years, and served its purpose well, but in the late 1930s, the roof collapsed due to snow. Curlers were once again forced to play outside.

In 1967, the Kaslo Centennial Committee decided to build a skating arena, to be followed by a curling rink. Construction began, and in 1975, it was complete. The curling club now boasts two sheets of ice and a lounge that can situate 110 spectators.

Ice time and room rental rates 

Riding Club Grounds

The Kaslo Riding Club Society was formed in 1969, with the goals of promoting horseback riding in all its forms, maintaining a facility for the use of its members, and educating horse owners in the care and management of their mounts. The club held its first May Days gymkhanas just south of the Vimy Park baseball field.

The club obtained land on Arena Avenue in 1977 and, with the help of a government grant and donations from the citizens of Kaslo, built an arena and judging stand there. In 1989, with the assistance of a small grant and volunteer labor, steel fencing and several holding pens were added to the arena which measures 120 feet wide by 240 feet long. A concession building and storage building with an announcer´s booth above have also been added along with three sets of bleachers.

The Riding Club organizes an annual May Days Horse Demonstration and holds clinics several times a year, both Western and English.

With permission, the Arena can be used by others for horse related activities, but for insurance requirements users must be riding club members. There are many riding trails located close to the Arena which are maintained by the Club.

The contact person for the Kaslo Riding Club is Herb Thompson - 250-353-2588. 

St. Andrews Kaslo  Heritage Hall  

Kaslo Heritage Hall is a community hall supporting events in the Village of Kaslo.  It is operated by a management board which includes members of St. Andrew's United Church and the various organizations that rent the hall on a regular basis.   The congregation of St. Andrew's United Church remains active on a monthly basis during winter and on a weekly basis in summer through Saddlebag Ministry.   This includes visiting ministers from throughout the region.  Exact dates of services will appear in the calendar.

For more information or rental calendar click HERE 

Tennis Courts

Kaslo has 2 tennis courts located on Village of Kaslo property opposite the hockey/curling complex on Arena Road. These courts are administered and maintained by the Kaslo Tennis Club, a private club which has a lease arrangement with the Village. Although the gates are kept locked, public access is available through the Kaslo Motel, which has kindly agreed to act as liaison for the Tennis Club.

Kaslo Tennis History
The original courts were located on the west side of Kane St. on property owned by Jack Strachan. In the late 1920s he decided to use the land to grow vegetables, so the courts were moved. They were replaced with new courts in Vimy Park near the gazebo. By the 1950s, use of the tennis courts had severely declined, and the town fathers decided to tear the courts down. It wasn´t until 1976 that tennis became the focus of attention again. In 1976, the Kaslo Recreation Commission allowed the Tennis Club to use the concrete floored arena as courts during the summer.

In 1983, the Kinsmen Club decided to pitch in and build a facility that would last. Just south of the arena, they found a suitable location, and built a pair of tennis courts. Donations of money and work kept costs down, but when it was all through, there was a total debt of $17,500 remaining.

The club was successful in paying the debt off, through more donations, membership fees, grants, and fundraising events. Some community-minded citizens even bought charter memberships with the club, without ever playing a game on the courts. The club eventually managed to raise $8000 to put a layer of acrylic coating on the courts. Kaslo Tennis Club members are proud of the efforts that have gone into providing this fine facility for the use of members, guests and visitors. We hope that all who use it will follow the rules to keep the courts in good shape for many years to come.

Membership in the Kaslo Tennis Club

Membership fees for 1 year are as follows:
Student = $20.00
Single = $30.00
Couple = $50.00
Family = $60.00

Upon payment of fees at the Kaslo Motel, members are given a key and a tag. The tag is to be attached to the shoelaces so that Tennis Club members in good standing may be easily identified. The key has to be exchanged each year for a different one, as the lock is changed at the beginning of each tennis season.
Note: Club President, Carl Gfroerer, offers 2 hours of free instruction to all new members.
Hourly Use:
Visitors and locals wishing to use the courts on an hourly basis can drop in at the Kaslo Motel and request the key. There is a $10 refundable deposit, and the court fee is $6.00/court for 2 hours. For further information stop by the Kaslo Motel, phone: (250)353-2431, or call the Club President, Carl at (250)353-2906.

Kootenay Lake Archives

The Kootenay Lake Archives is located in the Old Jail in the basement of the Kemball Memorial Centre at 312 4th St. The entrance is off A Avenue. The Archives is maintained by the Kootenay Lake Historical Society. It contains information on the history of Kaslo, the North Kootenay Lake area and the sternwheelers of Kootenay Lake including the S.S. Moyie.

The archives includes papers, books, photographs, maps, newspapers, audio tapes and videos. The records of the City of Kaslo extend from 1893 - 1953 and include the Langham Japanese Canadian collection. The Archives is open year around (except holidays) on Mondays (7-9 p.m.) and Thursdays (9 a.m. to Noon). E-mail: .

Victorian Community Health Centre of Kaslo

The Victorian Community Health Centre of Kaslo includes residential care, adult day programs, 24/7 emergency services, some diagnostic services such as x-ray and laboratory services, and primary health services on the lower floor. Residential care (Long Term Care) has 18 permanent beds plus a respite/palliative bed. The facility also has a palliative suite made possible from donations by Kaslo and North Kootenay Lake residents.

The Kaslo Primary Health Services provides services that meet most everyday health needs. Primary
Health recognizes that health is influenced by many factors; therefore it combines a holistic approach, a continuum of services, a range of health providers, and community involvement to achieve enhanced individual care and health outcomes.

The Kaslo Primary Health Services team includes: physicians, primary care nurses, continuing care nurse (home care nursing, case management and home support supervisor), a public health nurse, the Pregnancy Outreach Program, Options for Sexual Health, physiotherapy, mental health and Hospice. At present, visiting health professionals include: an optometrist, a foot care nurse, a diabetes education team, a nicotine intervention counselor and a dietician. We are in the process of incorporating complementary medicine practitioners to join our services. This range of health
professionals ensures that you receive care in the most appropriate and efficient way possible, with referrals to outside services as needed.

The Victorian Community Health Centre of Kaslo
Phone: (250) 353-2211 Fax: (250) 353-2747
673 A Ave. (PO Box 607) Kaslo, BC V0G 1M0
The Kaslo Primary Health Services
Phone: (250) 353-2291 Fax: (250) 353-2738
673 A Ave, (Box 309) Kaslo BC V0G 1M0
Hours: (Except holidays)
Monday-Friday 9:00am - 4:30pm.
Closed for lunch from 12:30pm - 1:30 pm

Kaslo Campground

Graced by a historic Camperdown Elm, the Kaslo Campground is located at the foot of A Avenue, on the shores of Kootenay Lake. The campground is convenient to Vimy Park, a picnic area and shelter, a children´s playground, the S.S. Moyie National Historic Site and Kaslo´s bustling downtown core. Serviced and un-serviced sites, hot showers and sanidump facilities are available. The campground opens in the spring and stays open in the fall as long as the weather permits. For information and reservations, contact host Trish Bennett at and by phone at (250) 353-2662.

Vimy Park

Located on the shores of Kootenay Lake, Vimy Park boasts a children´s playground, a covered picnic area, a baseball field, a charming gazebo and a public campground. The park is the site, each year, of the annual May Days Celebration and the Maypole Dance, a tradition that has been kept alive in Kaslo, without missing a single year, since 1892. The park was dedicated in 1924 by Lord and Lady Byng. Lord Byng was the Governor General of Canada at the time. The beautiful gazebo in the centre of the park was built to celebrate Kaslo´s Centennial in 1993.

Kaslo Municipal Beach

Located adjacent to the Historic SS Moyie Sternwheeler and Kaslo Visitor Centre, Kaslo´s Municipal Beach is a sandy, sunny and relaxing location, close to Kaslo´s shopping core, restaurants and many local accommodations.

Kaslo Airport

To access Kaslo´s airport follow Hwy 3A south of Kaslo to Balfour Ave. Follow Balfour Ave. to Kaslo Rd. West. The airport is at the top of Kaslo Rd. West.

General information for Kaslo Airport includes:
Airport codes: CBR2
Type: local airport(light traffic)
Scheduled airline service: no
Serves: Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada
Latitude: 49.903599 | 49 54.215927 N | N49 54 12
Longitude: -116.934998 | 116 56.099854 W | W116 56 05
Field elevation: 2,354 ft/717 m MSL
Magnetic variation: 17.0°E
Radio communication frequencies for Kaslo Airport: ATF: 123.2 MHz
Runways at Kaslo Airport: 3,700 x 60 ft (1,128 x 18 m) - paved - not lighted

Educational Facilities

Kaslo provides educational opportunities for all ages in a variety of facilities:

  • Periwinkle Children´s Centre, located adjacent to Vimy Park, provides play, social and educational experiences and childcare for children aged 2 ½ to 5 years old.
  • J.V. Humphries School is a Kindergarten to Grade 12 school. In addition to the core curriculum, the school provides many electives including shop courses, physical education courses and a very active drama program. The teachers assist students in a wide range of extra curricular sports activities.
  • Lakeside Learning Center, 404 Front St., provides instruction in the core secondary curriculum with students attending JVH for their elective course selections.
  • Selkirk College Extension Centre offers Adult Basic Education programs that are designed to allow individuals to upgrade to the Grade 10, 11, or 12 levels or to complete the prerequisites for high school graduation, provincial certification, or entry to post-secondary studies. These programs can also help
    non-English-speaking individuals achieve fluency in written and conversational English. The Continuing Education Department, also represented at the Extension Centre, provides community access to a wide variety of educational experiences including personal and professional development, first aid, safety training and more! A full listing of Continuing Education courses can be found in the calendar that is available online and is distributed to all households in the West Kootenay and Boundary regions in early January and September. For additional information, please email or call 1.250.353.2618.

Kaslo Skateboard Park - Vimy Park

After years of fund raising and volunteer work by the Kaslo Youth Council and local supporters, the Kaslo skateboard park opened in the summer of 2007. Located on the beautiful shores of Kootenay Lake, the Skatepark is considered a world class skate boarding venue. The park was designed by Spectrum Skateparks and built with local labour.

Kaslo and Area Chamber of Commerce

P.O. Box 329 | Kaslo, B.C. | V0G 1M0
Phone: 250-353-2525 | Email:

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