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From June 10 to June 21st , 2019

Your Kaslo and Area Chamber Board approached Downtown Businesses to cover a “Business Walk & Talk”. This initiative was developed to give Our Membership an opportunity to provide feedback to our Board on a variety of Topics, but mostly to get input on how your Chamber can serve you better! A Special thank-you to Village Councillors and CAO for attending some of these ‘Walks’.The following answers to the 5 questions that were asked of each Business or Organization have been consolidated to negate repetition.

Question #1 - What are your main concerns?


  • Operational Funding for Staff

  • Need help getting the word out about other Organization’s Events

  • Single Community Calendar that all Organizations could use


  • Available Parking is an issue

  • Accessible Public Washrooms

  • Purolator – need a timely or more convenient Courier Service.

  • Would like more Signage to the downtown core and other Directional signage

  • Housing Availability to Summer Staff

  • Chamber should engage more with Jazz Fest and act on behalf of businesses--feels jazzFest needs to be more mindful and inclusive of businesses and mitigate their impact.

  • promoting the village and offering incentives to industry to bring business here, whether it’s manufacturing or high tech

  • A Chamber “presence” around town the more people will want to be a part of this active group.

  • Poor Customer Service reflects poorly for All Businesses - need better/more training!

  • Lack of commitment to hours of operation by some businesses.

  • Chamber’s Strategic Plan - Posted on Website (see attached link: https://www.kaslochamber.com/2019-Strategic-Plan

Question #2 - Do the Events that the Chamber Hosts, serve your needs?


  • Would Like to be more involved, but collectively NFP Organization’s memberships are involved through other groups.

  • Although not directly involved, very supportive of these events.


  • Great Events, fully supportive

  • Especially Like Choose Local Campaign

  • Light-Up very important for businesses who operate through the winter.

  • Christmas Party should be held at a larger venue

  • Light-Up very Important to Front Street Merchants

  • May Days is the biggest weekend for local Businesses

  • The social aspect of networking after business cannot be overlooked and people really enjoy it!

  • Networking (after hours) are opportunities where members can get together and mingle,  discuss common problems or possible promotions together.

Question #3 - What is your preferred form of communication?


  1. Email/Newsletter (well in advance of any Event)

  2. Phone Calls

  3. In Person

Question #4 - How can the Chamber serve you better?



  • More visual public advertising

  • More Beautification of Downtown Core (Hanging Planters)

  • More consistent Social Media for Chamber needs to be fully utilized and supported.

  • Would appreciate more specific promotion and advertising for Chamber members.

  • Would like to see an annual small, brochure that highlights all local events and business directory.

  • Would like to see a solution to the washroom problem in downtown.

  • More notice of events, than just via email notification, social media and web site

Question #5 - Are you interested in volunteering on the Chamber Board, or for a specific project?

  • Most responses indicated that they were either too busy or involved in other Organizations

  • Some indicated that they would be interested in Specific Projects

  • A few indicated that eventually they would consider joining the Board

General Questions/Comments to Village Representatives.

  • Village bureaucracy - Finds that the advice received is ‘NO, you can’t do that”! Rather than a friendlier, more helpful approach of “the way you can achieve that is by doing A) B) and C), 

  • Would like to see the Village encourage growth and expansion by the individual

  • Does not believe that the boat launch should be shut down during Jazz Fest.  

  • Parking is an issue (would like to see better signage for parking by Catholic church)

  • Village needs to support Arts & Culture Programs/Events, Public Museums & Galleries.

  • Better communication of Village Bylaws from Village front counter.

Recycling and low impact initiatives are in the public conscience like never before.

When asked whether Businesses or Organizations supported a, phased in, Single-Use Plastics Ban, most responses were Very Supportive and some indicated that they are already working on their own methods and alternatives!

As a method of getting Public Feedback on the ‘Single-Use Plastics’ issue, the Chamber has embarked on an initiative, where we are asking the Chamber Membership to highlight all the steps your business/non-profit take, which leave a  " lighter environmental footprint" as you do your work. Some ideas may include:  recycling/re-purposing, products you carry which are environmentally friendly, ride sharing to work or business meetings, tell us more!  This is an opportunity to tell our community how you care for where we live, and encourage everyone to take a look at how we live and the impact we make. 

Please Visit our website

The Chamber Board thanks everyone who offered responses to our ‘Chamber Walk’ and encourage the entire membership to contact Your Chamber if you have Comments or Suggestions to help us Serve You Better! 

The Kaslo and Area Chamber of Commerce

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